iNoslen Radio Ep.261 Royalties are Key

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It's time for the Vibe Essential! Your hosts N.O.S and Brandon are back to give you all some good music tips, advices, and knowledge about the music industry and marketing. Today, the guys discuss further about royalties and music licensing. Artists, this is very important, so listen up! More details on how to go about get your music registered correctly, and reading over contracts before signing deals. Brandon gives a perfect example about artists committing to deals without signing any contracts. You don't want to miss this. As for the news, Killer Mike gets his own day in his hometown. A great moment for hip hop. On the flip side, bad news for Kanye. N.O.S and Brandon break down the hottest stories in hip hop news this week. As the show winds down, check out our music spotlight. Two artists Trel Mack and Los Didhe's track will be played on tonight's show. Tune in now and catch another amazing show!

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1. Los Didhe

2. Trel Mack 

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