iNoslen Radio Ep.237 Mohs

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Sunday Edition is here and Mohs is our guest. We start off with some background on where he grew up in Minnesota and then we jump into how he got into hip hop. He keeps his rhymes positive plus he was fortunate to meet Random Thoughts which played a big part in his involvement in the music industry. He tells a story about when his friend purchased an instrumentals tape for him to start rhyming. Later in the show he breaks down his process for making music. He talks about how he love Wyclefs music but thought his rhyming skills were bad which made the host laugh uncontrollably. Dispute One drops some gems on how he met Mohs at a show at a club called Rascals in Winona, MN where D-One gave him his props for the first time. Noslen drops in and asks the tough question, what is his biggest achievement, which stomped him at first but he tells us it was his Citizen Mohs an EP he dropped in 2016. 

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