iNoslen Radio Ep.239 Brandon Countee

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Let's get ready for the Sunday Edition. Your two favorite hosts, N.O.S and DisputeOne are back with a really great show. First the guys catch up on their plans from over the weekend and dived into talks about careers and working a 9 to 5. After that, the special guest of the night, Brandon Countee, Founder and Chief Design Director of Majestic Raven (MR), joined the show. This is an interview for all indie artists to tune into. Important information and tips are being discussed! During the interview, Mr. Countee talks about his upbringing in a small town and how he got his start in the marketing and PR business. It starts off with a funny story about all of the right opportunities coming your way when you least expect it. Since that day, Mr. Countee has created his agency with great marketing strategies for artists' success. He has been in the game for 10 years and counting. One of the best things Mr. Countee talked about was the way he handles artist management and ways to avoid wasting time and money; he concludes: "I have to work with clients I believe in and those who believe in me." He also discusses about working with his artist Jamal HD and more. Don't miss it! Now into the news, which was a short segment. N.O.S and DisputeOne pulls news that centers around indie artists or ways that indie artists can learn from these stories. So what does it cost to make a great album? What's going on with Tech N9ne's potential collaboration with Elton John? Why are people believing fake news such as Tyler the Creator has died? Find out more during the segment. Tune in for a dope show!


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