iNoslen Radio Ep.230 Sunday Edition

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Welcome back to Sunday Edition with your hosts N.O.S and DisputeOne. We're jumping right into the great things we have set for the future of the show. As the hosts discussed last week, our new feature Core Culture, the blog-like segment on our site is something for the underground hip hop culture. The iNoslen Radio Show staff are looking to reach out and branch out with new creatives and musicians who love to connect and make dope music. It's about branching out and networking. Core Culture will serve as the source for true hip hop. N.O.S. adds that Core Culture will also celebrate the five elements of hip hop. So stay tuned for that. If you or your artist like to be featured on the show, please email, As DisputeOne always says: " Slow motion is better than no motion," therefore, our progress on the show is evolving. The host dab into some current news, music updates about the station and more. So get ready for another great show.


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