iNoslen Radio Ep.209 Noslen and DisputeOne

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Here’s another week of your favorite radio show, iNoslen Radio as we come back to an amazing Sunday Edition, with your host Noslen and co-host DisputeOne. There wasn’t a guest, nonetheless, the show still went on. A little shorter than most, Noslen starts off with letting audiences in on his weekend which was spent letting loose with his cousin and a bottle of dark rum. Luckily, he was in the comfort of his home so needless to say he did so responsibly. After nursing a hangover with a nap and some food, he turns folk’s attention to the updates. Before the show began, our audiences hear a different sound in the background which is an instrumental from the host himself (be sure to let him know your thoughts on Twitter). Also, new interns have joined the fray bringing a fun and interesting twist to things. Lastly, to partake in contests, be sure to include the hashtag (iNoslenContest) in your answers. In news, our two Bad Boys, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, are back for the third installment, 40 people were injured when a railing collapsed during a Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa concert, and Prince Paisley’s mansion is up for sale. There is a lot to catch up on this show. Take a listen below.

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