iNoslen Radio Ep.203 Ackronem

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Welcome back to another great Sunday Edition! Earlier this week we posted a poll on our Twitter for our followers to vote on what they wanted to hear us talk about on the news segment. Stay tuned to hear which story was the most popular. As for our special guest, we invited ACKronem on to the show to discuss his upcoming plans and music. ACKronem tells the listeners his backstory, how he discovered hip hop, and how he plans to do more shows locally and all over the U.S. Of course the hosts asked the tough questions such as the obstacles ACKronem face as an independent artist and not being a pro at emailing marketing. DisputeOne drops some knowledge about that, giving ACKronem --an artist residing in Dispute's hometown Minnesota-- tips on how he can branch out to other cities and brand himself. It's a very informing interview that you can't miss. The news is packed today as the hosts discuss Kanye's controversial video for his "Famous" single and of course find out what was the biggest stories of the week.


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