iNoslen Radio Ep.200 Maia Maiden

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Monday Mix is back! We are celebrating our 6th month anniversary for this season! We are doing something different for tonight's show. Normally, we give spotlight to the musicians, but tonight we are chopping it up with a hip hop dancer by the name of Maia Maiden (a.k.a. Rah Fyah). Not only is Maia Maiden a hip hop choreographer and innovator, but she is definitely a pioneer in her own right. In the interview, Maia talks about hip hop culture during the 90s, the prevalent of hip hop dance and what is was like growing up in Minneapolis. Maia's spread wisdom about dance and her mission of using dance to educate, embrace, and uplift the community and culture. Of course she spoke on the social media culture and how it is so easy for people to call themselves hip hop dancers without putting in the true work. During the interview, Noslen learns an interesting fact about Maia. She has a degree in Medical Technology! Tune in for a great show to hear about what else Maia Maiden has up her sleeve for this year. Also tonight Noslen finally does the news segment. It has been too long. Tune in for a great story that Rick Ross and Wingstop are doing for the kids.


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