iNoslen Radio Ep.191 Jameelski

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For this Sunday Edition, your favorite hosts, Noslen and Dispute One, bring on Jameelski, hailing from Minneapolis. Jameelski brings on friend and author, Brian Johnson, and the dynamic duo talk about how their career started together when they met through mutual friends and artists’ years ago. They have now ended up working together for the last six years to collaborate and put in a new perception and side for the hip hop community. The music and the artwork, combine beautifully to give fans a new perspective for the industry. Dispute One goes into depth about how literacy can increase empowerment and longevity not only in the realm of music, but in society and our culture.  Make sure you continue to listen to the interview to hear about how the idea about the book and artwork came to be. As always Noslen and Dispute One, brings us the most talked about and scandalous news in the industry, and make sure you stay tuned in to the end.


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