iNoslen Radio Ep.188 Joella Deville

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On the Monday Mix, our host Noslen interviewed Joella DeVille. At a young age, she learned how to play different instruments like the violin and the piano. She was also involved in a lot of other activities while she was growing up such as dancing and playing soccer. Later on, she released her first song “A kiss.” This wasn’t her favorite song, but others started to listen to it and it became their favorite song. Her first album, “No Makeup” released after college. This gave her the opportunity to have the freedom to write her own songs. She is currently working on her new EP called “Just a Sip” which shows her love of music. After the interview, DisputeOne joined into the Monday Mix to talk about some updates and the news. In our news segment, Kanye West doesn't want to sell CD’s, Nas is investing in Exo, and Katt Williams lost his 200K Lamborghini in a dice game. Tune into this Monday Mix!

By: Faith Boyer


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