iNoslen Radio Ep.187 Nthn Mjr

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For this Sunday Mix, Noslen and DisputeOne interviewed Nthn Mjr. They interviewed the two leading members of Nthn Mjr named Soof and Sylvester. They are both from Philadelphia. Soof is from Western Philly and Sylvester is from Northern Philly. They meet at a Philadelphia School of Arts. One day, they decided to play together in school. One of them rapped and they other sang and from their build a group together. Their group blends vocals and lyricism together with a style of hip-hop and R&B lyrics. They do this for people who are weirdos and to express positivity and pure artistry into their music. In the future, they are going to college, but continues to work on their music. In the news, Too Short states that the hip-hop industry is ending conscious hip-hop, Macklemore said that Eminem benefits from White privilege, Prince is ending his 17 year war from Warner Bros. and releasing a new “Purple Rain” album, and Rakim and Nas talk about what MC’s are or what they should be. Tune into this Sunday Edition!

By: Faith Boyer


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