iNoslen Radio Ep.214 King Fuvi

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What a great show we had this past Sunday! Noslen opened up the show with some commentary on what happened over the weekend. From partying at the bachelor party for his cousin to some behind the scene jokes about the news, the guys also hilariously give you the listeners some details about going to a wedding when your single. Look out for that. During our special guest interview, the guys brought on another Minnesota MC, King Fuvi onto the show. King Fuvi gave a little background information about himself before they dove right into a deeper analysis of Fuvi becoming a MC and loving hip hop. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, his family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and he graduated from NC State. In 2011, he moved to Minnesota and has been going strong ever since. While he was in North Carolina, he was dibbling and dabbling in hip hop. His journey continues as he pushes limits and takes his artistry to the next level. The hosts wrapped up the show with the news. For one, Killer Mike is getting a drill named after him, called Driller Mike! The drill is worth $11.6 million! For more this and to hear the full episode just hit play.


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