iNoslen Radio Ep.171 MC Bravado

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Welcome to the newest season of the iNoslen Radio show. Thank you for all of the fans and listeners who have made 2015 such a fantastic year, and have stuck through iNoslen radio on this journey. This is the very first Sunday Edition for 2016, and Noslen and Dispute One make sure to bring you one remarkable, fun-filled episode.  For the first show of 2016, the artist MC Bravado joins the show to talk about his music career and his recent EP titles “Walk the Line”, which was influenced by music legend Johnny Cash.  MC Bravado shares the struggles he deals with on a daily basis between the struggles of having a career as a high school English teacher by day, with the negative stigma associated with being a rap artist. Even though teaching has always been a love and a passion for MC Bravado, he hopes to one day take his music career to the next level by making it a full-time career.  MC Bravado considers himself apart of the top 1% of the MC’s in the game, because of his technical level, ability, creativity, and skillset. MC Bravado chose his name to poke fun of the hip-hop industry, while leaving fans the ability to decrypt and translate the music for themselves on a personal level. Make sure to listen to the full show so you can hear all the updates for the new year (and season!) of the iNoslen show and to hear the full story of MC Bravado.   


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