iNoslen Radio Ep.175 MKZ

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On this Sunday’s edition with Dispute and Noslen we get into some of the latest sports news, and then we jump into some chill vibes with MKZ. This DMV native is a preacher’s kid, who grew up singing in Zhe choir, and began playing the trumpet while in school. After gaining the motivation to rap through listening to Nas, he started to join forums online and share music with people across the world. MKZ talks about his motivation for "War of art" and reintroducing himself by showing everyone that he isn’t just a trumpet player, he is a rapper, singer, AND trumpet player. At 23, he is currently teaching music and performing with his band. Although he does have a new project titled "Rant", so be on the lookout. Then stick around for the news, and also an update on what’s poppin with Dispute, and all of the new things he is involved in. 


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