iNoslen Radio Ep.150 Freedom Infinite

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Mic Check 1,2, 1,2, Sunday Edition’s on the iNoslen Radio starring our hosts Noslen and Dispute One always is a blessing to the ears to start the busy week ahead.  Noslen got his pimp mobile “Talula” fixed, and he is ready to scoop you up ladies. Always shifting gears on the show, Noslen & Dispute One bring on a special returning guest star, Infinite Family. Infinite recently ventured to New Mexico, and embraced a new culture and attached that to his musical lifestyle. Infinite coming from a family of tough love, fully understands what it takes to grind. Infinite left a mark at the very start of his career, by selling out his entire show. Make sure you listen on what Infinite is up to now after visiting the iNoslen show the first time and don’t forget to show love to your favorite underground artists. 

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