iNoslen Radio Ep.148 YV Davinci

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As always, we’re bringing you the newest artists that are certainly putting hip-hop back on the map. Born in the capital of America, YV Davinci started rapping with his best friend straight out of elementary school. Immediately creating a family based hip-hop group District boys, Davinci made waves in the music world early on. After feeling this group had run his course, Davinci broke away and started his own label Stack Money Global with his best friend Lawrence “Rego” Perkins, devoting his music career to his brother. Having a hard history growing up, Davinci is able to incorporate the highs and lows of life in to his music, flawlessly blending together fantastic lyrics with banging beats, guaranteeing a wonderful music experience for anyone. Being the youngest of his family, he admits he owes many of his successes to the people and the environment he grew up in. Performing at various venues around the East Coast, Davinci additionally boasts accomplishments of having released a mixtape on Datpiff entitled “Da Word” and is currently working on a new mixtape called “PLVL,” which stands for Professional Level. We’ve got all you could ever need on this Thursday edition, from upcoming artists to jaw-dropping hip-hop news. Make sure to check it out and tune in next week for another jam-packed episode on iNoslen radio. 

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