iNoslen Radio Ep.139 Crazie Kid Anonymous

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crazie kis anonymous

Noslen starts off the Sunday Edition solo interviewing the talented Crazie Kid Anonymous. Born and raised in Philadelphia, C.K. A describes growing up surrounded by hip-hop, as his father was a DJ but was mesmerized by the sound while in Kindergarten. C.K.A was immersed and predisposed by music his entire life, using it as a way to escape reality along with poetry. C.K.A was embedded music as a foremost priority in his life, even putting out two mix tapes while he was oversees in Iraq in the military. Once returning, he teamed up with Fat Man Elite to create the music group ‘The Ill’. C.K.A talks about the struggles and low points of the career, but tells listeners that those low moments made him want to continue to not only grow as a artist but a individual as well.  C.K.A is currently working on an E.P to help continue on his quest to follow his dreams. 


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