iNoslen Radio Ep.143 Rohan da Great

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With DisputeOne gone for this week’s Sunday Edition, Noslen is a one-man wolf pack bringing back a guest whom isn’t new to the iNoslen Radio Show.  Rohan Da Great joins the show a second time, exactly a year to the date, that he was last on the Sunday Edition the first time.  Rohan updates the listeners on what new music he has been making and what has changed in his music career from last year.  Rohan explains that a year since his first appearance on the show he has been experimenting with producing, and produces more heavily then in the past and has been ghost writing for many notorious musical arts. Rohan tells Noslen that he has three albums on hold currently just waiting to drop at the right time.  Rohan gives the iNoslen fans a sneak peek of what they can expect from these three completely different albums.  Make sure to be on the lookout for Rohan Da Great’s hottest music and be sure to listen to stay up-to-date on one of iNoslen Radio’s most remembered artists. 


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1. Rohan da Great Music Dot Net 


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