iNoslen Radio Ep.141 ReLIVE

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A hip-hop duo from the group, ReLive, leave their mark on the Sunday Edition with the hosts Noslen and DisputeOne. Two members from the group, Lucas and Freddy, both grew up in Philadelphia and all started with a dream of simply constructing a song together. With the help from Lucas’s talented vocals, and Freddy’s forte for rapping, the two eventually joined forces to become what they are now.  From the beginning, the two had a natural connection, in which fans can observe throughout the music. With the combined musicality between the two, a band was form to enhance the musical stylings for the group. The lyricism of the group is so diverse that it can reach a plethora of multiple genres and fans, not hindering their success to one type of fan base. They are the type of group, which old ladies can jam to as well as the youngsters. 


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