iNoslen Radio Ep.133 Aroc

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Sunday Edition is bringing you Aroc this week, a seasoned artist with thirteen years working every angle of the industry under his belt. Witnessing the rapidly changing twists and turns in hip-hop, social media was the boom that got Aroc’s wheels in motion and jump started his decision to try his hand at music. Recently dropping his mix tape IW4MT, he’s seen an impressive amount of traffic, starting with his devout following. On top of furthering his own career, Aroc finds time to give back to the community through charity work, selflessly promoting the greater good while producing head banging tunes all at the same time. Check out this artists sweet swagger in the links down below to stay ahead of the impending sea of fans likely to flock to Aroc. Tune in to see what artist may be working with Drake in the upcoming future and many other jaw-dropping hip-hop news stories right here at iNoslen.


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