iNoslen Radio Ep.131 Chris Vance

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Chris Vance

We hope you’re ready for the catch up on hip-hop, as this Sunday Edition is jam-packed with the latest, and greatest, insight in to the industry. Today’s artist understands the trials and tribulations of life and artfully turns them in to bumping beats for lovers of any genre. From Ad Vance to Chris Vance, this artist has perfected his image, setting him apart from the amateurs surrounding the game today. Vance knows audiences with a greater understanding of the art will certainly love his music, stating, “If you ain’t got bars, I’m not here for you.” A seasoned artist in the rap industry, he’s got that flow that makes the crowd move and has some chart topping songs that make you want to pop it till the break of dawn. Check out his latest album Doom City: Last of the Best for a reasonably priced, introspective outtake on the ups and downs of life and make sure to come back next week for your daily dose of your newest hip-hop news right here at iNoslen Radio.


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