iNoslen Radio Ep.159 Iyah Kobain

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As always the beginning of each week brings a whole new Sunday Edition.  This week the iNoslen hosts, Noslen and Dispute One, have a special treat for listeners. The Sunday Edition brought multiple artists from the hip-hop group, the Day One Crew. The Day One Crew acts more like a family rather a musical group. This week we bring back guest Iyah Kobain who is not a stranger to the iNoslen show. Iyah Kobain is coming out with a new album soon called “Day One”, to represent those have stood by his side since day one – during his grind of becoming the artist that he is today. Iyah has so many things on his belt ranging from the album, a collective project, and even a mini movie with the same title. Our second guest for the Sunday Edition is Frenchie G. The entire group is working together on this project, all collaborators, all best friends, and all artists that know each other. As Day One Cre states, family first. Just hearing the album, fans will be able to hear the family focus entrenched on this album. 


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