iNoslen Radio Ep.156 Jay Griffy

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Jay Griffy is one hot rapper straight outta New York. At a young age Griffy was inspired by DMX, Jay Z, Cassidy and more. He found his love for hip hop and started investing in himself. Jay Griffy is not afraid to speak his mind and show his true emotions. Working on a new project called “God Like” allowed him to take his music to the next level. The smash hit Bakery Sale created a voice and different path for Jay Griffy. In 2009 Jay Griffy teamed up with Exponent Entertainment which led him to write records that featured Young Jeezy and various artists. Griffy has been working very closely with Chris Rivers (Big Pun’s son). What’s next for this artist? Well you can catch him putting all his energy into a new direction. The Davinci Code of music offers different types of slang but its fun to listen to because his words are true to the game. Jay Griffy is blessed to have a voice and he is the next craft of hip hop. Tune into iNoslen Radio Show for the hottest music and latest updates.


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