iNoslen Radio Ep.152 Saint Oeaux

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Saint Oeaux formerly (Saint Orleans) was born in New Orleans, LA and later relocated to St. Louis. As a teenager Saint Oeaux picked up his love for music. Coming from a music background Saint Oeaux nephew of blues artist Guitar Slim Jr. followed down the same road for the love of hip-hop. Performing at different venues Saint Oeaux dropped his first hit “We don’t love em”. This single caused Saint Oeaux to excel in his path of music. The past six years Saint Oeaux has been known for dropping  many mix tapes Mouth of Mississippi, Top Shelf  and 2010 and Beyond to name a few. Over the past year Saint Oeaux has been very busy producing tracks, shooting videos, writing songs and staying in the studio. Saint Oeaux recently dropped Via Dolorosa which can be heard on Google Play and ITunes. This albums feature hit songs Real or Fake the official music video can be seen on YouTube. Saint Oeaux plans on taking his music to a national level within the next year. Continue to tune in to iNoslen Radio Show for the hottest music and latest updates.


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