Zero Chill Media LLC. is a podcast company based out of Tampa, Fl.  We offer a wide variety of topics and shows to our audience on a bi-weekly bases.


Welcome to Zero Chill Media, home of The Core Culture Podcast ! Our mission is to provide entertaining Internet radio for the world. Every week we have exclusive interviews from the hottest Indie artists out right now, we play the best, most current independent music, and so much more!
You don’t want to miss our “Weekly Trending Topics” where we keep you, the listeners, up to date with upcoming shows, album releases, mixtapes and the lastest singles, plus  "The News" where the host breakdown the entertainment news of the week and you hear it first, right here, only on The Core Culture Podcast. Don’t miss our “Twitter Rampage” where you get to be a part of the show with weekly contests. We also answer your questions, live on air. Stay tuned for that and so much more on 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month at 8PM. 

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